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A party is at sea, returning home from a triumphant campaign. Having traveled across the ocean and faced terrible danger, they thought the worst was over… But the Gods seemed to have another plan for them.

A Terrible storm overtook their ship half way through the journey, ripping them far off course and crashing them into the rocky footprint of a small island. Their boat ripped asunder, the crew and captain lie dead on the beach. Our party has survived, battered and bruised, but their hearty constitution and heroic resolve have saved them once again.

As the party looks around, they see that they are on the beach of a bay. surrounded by a tall ridge of ragged stone, weather worn from years of abuse from the winds and waves which ravage the island. But inside the stony perimeter all is calm, the water still and perfectly clear. Above they see a clear night sky, full moon shining bright, partially obscured by the encroaching talons of rock.

Welcome to Pirate Island *

*may not contain actual pirates

Tentative Title: Pirate Island*

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