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Campaign Expectations/Thoughts

- The General Schtick is that we will switch up on DM duties. I (Mike) will start the campaign off as DM, and my character will be unable to participate in the session, for reasons … well, you’ll see. When I wrap up my part, my character will be back in the fold, and whoever cares to DM next will have their character be incapacitated or removed from the situation in some way.

-Start at LVL that Natures hand campaign ends at. (in theory Lvl 8)
New characters are welcome, though dont feel that you have to create a new one.

-Start with magic items of similar rarity of old campaign. I figure that we could have easily purchased 1 or 2 +1 items and will have received at least 1 more magical item that fits our characters. But i am open to suggestions

-starting items. Between the means in which you arrive at pirate island and the fact that you’re returning from an adventure, you wouldn’t be stocked with potions etc but any good adventurer wo uld have a couple on their person.

Priorities as DM

Fun>Story>Rules. Awesome stuff/memorable moments trump the story we are building. Decisions that serve the story trump the rulebook. But the rules are still our base for the game. Provided your actions aren’t taking away from what makes another character/class/race inherently unique, Im inclined to let it play out.

- Try stuff!! Make decisions that are in line with your character. Suggest courses of action that are thematically appropriate even if they are not explicitly stated in the rules. This is a cooperative storytelling experience. Ill strive to answer with “Yes and…” “Yes, but…” or “No, but…” My goal is to add to your story, if something isn’t possible, you won’t be just shut down. A simple no only shuts things down.

-Have fun. Make it fun for you and the rest of the group, Everyone should get a chance to shine. Don’t always take the spotlight, help shine it on someone else as well.